Technical Delegates (TDs) are appointed to all the major events on the Australian race calendar and are responsible for ensuring the competitions are fair, safe, and conducted according to the relevant competition rules.

TD appointment in Australia is coordinated by the Snow Australia XC TD Coordinator, Andrew Walker. The TD Coordinator also oversees annual National TD Updates, which are used to share and discuss TD experiences over the past year and to review any rules changes made at FIS level.

TD Education & Training

To become fully FIS accredited TD’s are required to attend two seminars two years apart, with the period in between for gaining experience and exposure to TD work. After the first seminar the TD can work as a National TD, either at non–FIS races, or as an assistant TD at FIS races. Once the TD has attended and meet the assessment criteria at the second seminar, they then become accredited as a FIS TD. In exceptional circumstances TD candidates with appropriate high level racing or race organisation experience may be fast-tracked.

FIS TD Guidelines can found via the FIS website.

Current Australian TDs

Australia currently has nine TDs accredited at FIS level, and additional TDs at National level:

Australian FIS TDs:

Australian National TDs:

New TD Candidates from 2018 TD Seminar:

TD Candidates from 2016 TD Seminar:

Any persons interested in becoming a TD should contact Andrew Walker via awalk347@gmail.com. Suitable TD candidates are typically ex-racers or coaches with extensive competition experience,  or experienced race organisers with sound knowledge of competition rules.