Racing Essentials

Competition Rules

The majority of competitions on the Australian Cross Country Skiing Calendar operate under the SAXC Competition Rules. These are based on the FIS International Competition Rules, with minor variations for lower levels of competitions. The SAXC Competition Rules are updated annually, with any rules changes made at FIS level reviewed by the SAXC Events Sub-Committee to see if any Australian adaptation in needed. A Technical Delegate (TD) is appointed to races in ensure that they are safe and fair and conducted according to the competition rules.

This linked summary of rules from the XC Athlete Handbook contains the main rules that athletes should be aware of. The full SAXC Competition Rules and FIS ICR are also available for download.

Interschools Rules

The main exception is for state and national Interschools competitions, which follow different rules set by the state Interschools committees. An XC Technical Delegate is still appointed to all Interschools races to try to ensure consistency in rule interpretation, and the aim is bring all Interschools competitions together under the SAXC Competition Rules in the near future.