Racing Essentials

Snowracer Insurance

Ski & Snowboard Australia (SSA) is the nationally and internationally recognised authority governing competitive snow sports in Australia. SSA seeks to register every competitor and recreational participant in snowsport competitions at all levels in order to emphasise and promote the benefits and relevance of snowsport competition within Australia.

The principal benefit offered to individuals who register with the Snowracer program is a customised Personal Accident and Personal Liability insurance cover for participation in any bonafide snow sport competition throughout Australia. This includes:

Snowracer registration is free of charge.

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International Travel/Competition Insurance

Standard international travel insurance has a clause that rules out participation in any form of skiing competition. This clause is because of the high risk associated with Alpine, Freestyle and Snowboard competition. However, injuries or insurance claims from cross country skiing competition are more rare. A special policy has been negotiated to cover amateur cross country ski racing, which is obligatory for athletes competing in FIS international competitions. To receive details about this policy send an email to Justine Couper asking about travel insurance including XC ski racing.

Ambulance Cover

Ambulance cover in Australia is necessary especially considering the distances from the ski fields to major hospital.  It could save you thousands of dollars as emergency medical transport services are not free.

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Other states and territories have ambulance services that have reciprocal rights to emergency transport.  Please contact your local State/Territory ambulance service for details.

Ambulance cover can sometimes be included in your Private Health Insurance Cover.  Please contact your health insurance provider for more details.