High Performance Program

International Program

Between November and March each year National Team athletes head overseas to train and compete, representing Australia at every level of international competition. The annual team base is currentlyDavos (SUI).


Australian Team 2019/2020 Overview

For 2019/2020 Australian Teams will be sent to the following international events:

An overview of the events is included below. Selection policies are posted in the selection section.

2020 World Junior/U23 Championship

The 2020 World Junior/U23 Championships take place in Oberwiesental in Switzerland from February 29 to March 7. The events are as follows:

The Australian Team will be based in Davos in December/January to prepare for the event, and will also compete in the 2020 Swiss Championships and assorted OPA Cup competitions.

Future Events

2021 World Championship

The 2019 World Championships take place in Oberstdorf, Germany. The events are as follows:

2021 World Universiade Winter Games

The 2021 World Universiade Winter Games will take place in Lucerne, Switzerland. The events are as follows:

The base qualification standard for the WUWG is usually the same as for the World Junior Championship.