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Coaching Courses

SSAXC currently has three levels of coach courses: Level 0, Level 1 and Level 2. Level 0 is a basic introductory into cross country ski coaching, while Level 1 and Level 2 are fully accredited courses with the Australian Sports Commission’s National Coach Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).

Under SSA’s coach education system coaches can be registered, trained and accredited. Registered coaches have signed up to be on SSA’s coaching database, completed the ASC Community Coaching General Principles course online, and have attended at least one of the coach course modules. Trained coaches have attended all the coaching course modules for the relevant level, and are in the process of gaining their practical coaching hours and completing assessments. Accredited coaches have completed all the required assessments and practical coaching hours for their coach level.

Once accredited, coaches need to complete updating requirements every four years to retain their accreditation.

Level 0 – Dryland

The Level 0 Dryland Course is designed for coaches, teachers and parents working with athletes at club or interschool level, and focus on dryland preparation for the winter. Training techniques covered include ski bounding and roller skiing. Participants will come away with a basic technical knowledge of the sport, skill development progressions and 3 easy to follow lesson plans to help engage and prepare athletes for when the snow starts falling.

The course is normally delivered over four hours by an accredited coach of minimum Level 1 endorsed by the National Coaching Director. Typically a minimum of five participants are required for a Level 0 Course to be run.

Level 1

The Level 1 course aims to give coaches and athletes the tools to plan, conduct and review training sessions and programs and provide race support for club and state level athletes. The Level 1 Course is made up of five modules:

Coaches can complete the different modules over several years. Typically a minimum of 5 participants are needed for the Dryland Coach or On-Snow Coaching modules to be run. Assessment is based on submitted worksheets, reports on coaching experiences and demonstrated competencies.

Level 2

The Level 2 Course is designed for coaches working at state or national level. Candidates must have completed the Cross Country Coaching Level 1 or hold a degree in Sports Coaching, and have been actively coaching for 12 months. The Level 2 is delivered over two face to face weekends and covers the following content:

Level 2 Typically a minimum of 5 participants are needed for the Dryland Coach or On-Snow Coaching modules to be run. Assessment is based on submitted written material and practical competencies demonstrated to assessors.

Coaching Workshops

To assist SSAXC coaches with their ongoing professional development and updating requirements Coaching Workshops in specific areas are held periodically. Presenters in the workshops may be current ski coaches, experts in different sport science fields, or coaches from other sports.

Recently covered topics at Workshops include:

These in-house workshops are available to all registered coaches, though depending on the content athletes or others in the cross country skiing community may also be invited.