2021-2022 National Team Announcement

November 8
National Team

The Snow Australia Cross Country Committee would like to announce a provisional selection of eight athletes to the Cross Country Skiing National Team for 2021-2022. Taking into consideration the extraordinary circumstances of the past two years, the full selection of athletes to all senior teams will be made following the northern hemisphere winter. This will allow athletes that have not had the chance to compete fully in the 2020-2021 season to demonstrate their current level of performance.

In addition, noting that National Junior Team selection is normally based on Australian winter performances, a larger National Junior Squad is to be formed in 2022. This squad will encompass all the leading athletes within each of the state pathway programs. Further details on this new structure are provided in the second section below.

The first athletes selected to the 2021-2022 National Team are as follows:

2021-2022 World Cup / Continental Cup Team

Provisional teams for the 2022 World Junior/U23 Championships have already been announced and are included again below. Other Junior/U23 athletes have until January 31 to qualify for these events.

2022 World U23 Championship Team (provisional)

2022 World Junior Championship Team (provisional)

Important note: All athletes selected to race World Cup or other international events where there are Australian Team coaches, or training with organised team programs overseas, will be supported equally, regardless of their national team status. All 2020-2021 team athletes have already been supplied with support letters for international travel, and any other athletes have the opportunity to apply for similar supporting letters via the Snow Australia website (see international travel).

2022 National Junior Squad

Due to limited competition opportunities for most Australian junior athletes for the past two years, the Snow Australia Cross Country Committee has decided to provide development opportunities to a wider range of athletes in 2022. Instead of naming a National Junior Team, the 2022 National Junior Squad will consist of all the leading athletes within the recognised state pathway programs between the age of 16-20 that are following a year-round training plan primarily for cross country skiing. Athletes from this pool will be invited to attend national training camps and take part in other development activities on the recommendation of the state and national coaches. This National Junior Squad will not be fixed for the year – new or returning athletes can be added to the pool on the basis of their commitment and potential.

This new structure also recognises that the state pathway programs are the primary drivers of junior cross country skiing development in Australia. While athlete development strategies should be national, the delivery needs to be local. National, State and other pathway program coaches will meet regularly to discuss common challenges, athlete education, camp schedules and timing, and any other athlete development issues.

It should be noted that this structure will be reviewed following the experiences of athletes, coaches and pathway program managers in 2022.

Athlete Expectations

All athletes involved in National Junior Squad camps or other activities are expected to have made a commitment towards cross country skiing and to have adopted a professional approach to training. Some examples would include:

Involvement in other sports is encouraged, though athletes should recognise that an increased training load in one sport should result in adjustments of load in other sports.

2022 Camp/Event Dates

Further Information

Finn Marsland, Cross Country Program Director, fmarsland@snow.org.au, 0408147940