HGA races cancelled

June 21
Domestic Racing

The following notice has been supplied by the Howmans Gap Allstars:

Dear Skiers,

We hope this message finds you well and all is OK for you in this unusual time.

It is now less than three weeks to the scheduled running at Falls Creek by our club Howmans Gap All Stars Ski Club Inc of the Snow Trek & Travel High Plains Tour and YMCA Howmans Gap Victorian Relay Championships on July 11-12.

In addition to the usual challenges there are many new varying factors and protocols to be taken into account for running cross country ski races this season. After a lot of consultation and consideration we have concluded that we will not be able to run the High Plains Tour or the Relays in 2020. The accumulation of the restrictions to accommodation, facilities and mountain access will significantly impact attendance. Not only for our members ability to be able to put on the races but also the willingness of potential participants prepared and able to make the trek for either day to race.

It is always a difficult decision to cancel events, knowing how important they are on the racing calendar and for the continuation of the sport. We thank you for your past support of the events and encourage you to continue to support our race sponsors in what is a difficult time for them. They are open for your business:

Snow Trek & Travel https://www.crosscountryskier.com.au/

YMCA Howmans Gap http://howmansgap.ymca.org.au/

If you have any questions please contact our Race Secretary Len Budge at 0417352845 or len@skike.com.au

We hope you will be able to have a great ski season.

Warm Regards,

Howmans Gap All Stars Ski Club Inc.