2020 Race Calendar

February 12

The draft AUSXC Race Calendar for the 2020 winter has been released.

In general only minor details such as start times and contacts are expected to be changed, with several events highlighted in yellow that need to be confirmed. Any changes will be posted in new PDFs on the Race Calendar page.

The structure of the calendar is very similar to 2019, with two weekends of Australian Open Championship split between Perisher and Falls Creek, and the Australian Junior Championships hosted on the last weekend of August at Perisher. A slight modification is that the first weekend of AUS champs (this year at Perisher) will be one week earlier, on July 25/26.

For information on which events are appropriate for different levels of skier look to the Calendar Guide. The major championship events are listed below.

2020 Australian Championship Events

2020 NSW + ACT Championships:

2020 Victorian Championships: