Pub to Pub Update

August 3
AUS Racing

Email update from the Hotham to Dinner Plain organisers – website:

Greetings from a windy but (so far) clear Dinner Plain.

So now we just wait to see what the weather will bring,  Look certain to get some r@!n this afternoon which will eventually turn to snow this evening – as always, timing will be everything.  However I’m still expecting (hoping for?) great conditions on the trail tomorrow morning.  It looks like the worst of any weather should be through by race start, but as always come prepared for anything and you should be OK.

If you’ve got young and/or inexperienced skiers in your party, please plan accordingly and make sure they are prepared and able to cope.  We plan to have a sweep ski patroller at the back end of the event but they are there for emergencies, NOT to cover childminding, inadequate planning, lack of suitable clothing etc.  Remember that there is no other support, drink stations etc en route – this is a real tour race!.  You need to assume responsibility for you and your group.

As always we will be able to transport a SMALL pack to the finish for you.  Every year at least one bag seems to go missing for a while at least.  Please make sure you can recognize your bag.

Given the forecast it is highly likely there will be some level of chain controls in place tonight and tomorrow morning.  If you’re driving up Saturday morning, please allow LOTS of time to get up here.  Saturday plus fresh snow = slow trip up.  If you’re here and ready early you can do a warmup lap on the Wire Plain trails which are skiing great at the moment.

And another reminder about the new arrangements for the bus service between Hotham and Dinner Plain.  IF you’re planning to use it BEFORE the race start you’ll need to plan carefully.  Smart cards are available for purchase ($5) at Hoys at Dinner Plain and at RMB or Resort Services in Hotham.  To be able to use the card you MUST go online to register the card and load money to it – a relatively straightforward process but it all takes time (and an internet connection!).  There is no option to load the card at the point of purchase.

Thanks to all those who have pre-registered – we really do appreciate it.  Tomorrow you’ll just need to pay up (cash only please), sign your entry and grab your bib.  Registration on the website will stay open until 9pm, and you will also be able to register at The General between 9 and 10.30 tomorrow, and we plan to be away at 11am.

Will put some brief weather updates on the website tonight and tomorrow morning.

Hope to see many of you at The General tomorrow morning.



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Mick Sinclair
Hotham to Dinner Plain (Pub to Pub) Ski Race
0408 127 325