2017 Australian Competition Rules Update

July 8
Race Rules

The SSAXC Committee has recently approved the 2017 Australian Competition Rules. These incorporate FIS International Competition Rules with adaptations for lower levels for competition in Australia. The linked rules below can also be found in the Race Rules section of this site.

A summary of the key updates in the rules is as follows:

Sprint Age Classes. These have been amended for medals to be awarded for each two-year age class from U12 to U20 so that they are now the same as for Distance events. Race organisers may still combine age classes if there are insufficient participant numbers to run final rounds, in this case the medals are awarded to the highest ranked athlete of that age class in the finals.

Classic Pole Lengths. SSAXC has adopted the new FIS rules for maximum pole lengths of Classic poles. Wearing ski boots the poles must be less than 83% of the competitors height. Full details of how to measure the length can be found in this PDF information sheet from FIS.

Technique Zones. SSAXC has adopted the new FIS rules enabling race organisers to set technique zones in which particular techniques must be used. In general this rule will only be used in Classic Sprint events to prevent athletes from double poling without wax, however it could also be used in Distance races if circumstances warrant.