2017 World Junior/U23 Championship Daily Vlogs

February 3

Many AUSXC followers may already be up to date with the progress of the Australian Team at the World Junior/U23 Championships at Soldier Hollow. If not, this linked series of daily V-Logs from the team on Facebook gives a great glimpse of action on the tracks and behind the scenes.

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U23 10km Freestyle
Casey Wright and Kat Paul in action again, finding the 10km a lot tougher than the Sprint.

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Junior 5km and 10km Freestyle
Lilly Boland, Liam Burton and Seve de Campo all picked it up another level compared to their Classic Sprints, Gabi Hawkins and Jarrah Forrer made their World Junior debut, Ella Jackson was stoked to be on the start line after illness leading in to the championships.

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U23 Classic Sprint
Casey Wright and Kat Paul made their U23 Worlds debut, Casey qualified for the finals in 25th place.

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Junior Classic Sprints
Lilly Boland, Liam Burton, Seve de Campo and Matt Bull all in action at the World Juniors for the first time.
All results can be viewed via the FIS website. A big call-out also to flyingpointroad.com for amazing action pictures every day – keep a lookout for more via @ausxc and @flyingpoint on Instagram