Catch Up: Barbara Jezersek

January 11

In Barbara’s first year racing as an Australian she has so far achieved Australia’s highest ever female placing on distance World Cup and became the first Australian female to start the Tour de Ski.

Barbara began her season racing with Callum Watson in Sweden finishing 14th in the 5km Skate in Bruksvallarna. She then traveled to middle Europe where she competed in the Davos World Cup finishing 37th in the 15km Skate. Barbara then became the first Australia female athlete to compete in the Tour de Ski. Barbara completed the first four stages her highest placing of 31st coming in the 10km Skiathlon in Oberstdorf.

Results Summary

Oberstdorf Stage World Cup 10km Skiathlon – 31st

Davos World Cup 15km Skate – 37th

Planica OPA Cup 10km Skate – 15th