Training in Bozeman

Paul Kovacs. Elite Cross-Country Skier

Ok, so I’ll admit I’m writing this with less than ideal sleeping hours under my belt and probably one cup of coffee too many this early in the morning. So if this post seems a little shaky or I start rambling on I do apologise in advance!

Why didn’t I get enough hours of sleep? As an athlete shouldn’t I be totally onto this? We’ll you’re right and I did drop the ball a little, luckily today is an easier day of training for me and a nap is definitely in order later!

I’m still in Bozeman and at the moment I’m babysitting the family dog, a 13 year old husky with mild anxiety issues. Since I’m the only one at home, he decided to sleep in my room. If you don’t believe dogs snore, come hang out with me and Beans for a night! It’s like sleeping in the…

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