Emulating the lifestyle of Fatboy slim.

AUSXC Junior Development Tour

The 2013 hit single ‘Eat Sleep Rave Repeat’ by Fatboy Slim was not only a fresh beat; it also suggested that following a lifestyle centred around four concepts leads to success. The four values we have decided to premise our trip on are:

Eat sleep rave train repeat


Our first encounter of Canadian food was at the famous Tim Horton’s, a place that will always be remembered as the place where Kate received her superstar ATAR (kudos Kate). After leaving, despite the urge to hit the slopes ASAP, we had to brave the horrors of bulk food shopping in the ‘Canadian Superstore’ (Costco on steroids). We approached shopping like a training session, following a game plan, seeking efficiency and getting the job done. In no time we crammed back into our beast-mobile we have named the ‘Fatboy S-limousine,’ surrounded by suitcases, ski bags and enough no-name food to keep…

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