Balmy Bozeman

Paul Kovacs. Elite Cross-Country Skier

Well post Supertour races here in Bozeman things got warm. So warm that some of the hard-core locals were out in shorts and T-shirts jogging about like it was summer (it was maybe plus 7C). It’s all fun and games running in short shorts until you go for slide on your bum…  With all the warm temperatures we lost a lot of snow. Everywhere in town melted out. However luckily there are trail systems deep in the mountains and through canyons where temperatures stay low and the skiing is actually really good.

Mid week melt out. Mid week melt out.

Each day we drove the team van up to one of the local canyons and headed out. The first two miles of the trip were always interesting. The very bottom of the canyon was melted out but then it froze to form a slab of ice. This meant at the start and finish of each day…

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