West Yellowstone update – Kat Paul blog

Re-blogged from Kat & Casey’s blog:

After our 2 week adjusting period in Sun Valley, we headed to West Yellow Stone for a 10 day training camp and the season opener USSA Super Tour.
West Yellow Stone is one of the strangest towns I have ever been to, it is more of a summer town, and so during the early parts of winter it is dead. I don’t think I have ever seen so many hotels and cabins in one town. The roads are super wide, with traffic lights, but there are hardly any cars… On the other hand the ski trails here are amazing, almost like a maze. It took me at least 4 days to get my bearing, and not get lost!  We were very lucky to get a massive dump of snow on our first two days of skiing at West. Otherwise the weather has been sweet as!

The USSA Super Tour season opened on the 28th of November with a skate sprint. I wasn’t feeling as fast as I should have been but I do have to remind myself that it was only Casey’s and my 2nd intensity session since being in USA. The course was very flat, and I struggled with the open field skating and getting enough power. I qualified 49th in the Skate Sprint, and made it into the B Final of the junior heats. During the B final I was in first until the last 150m, where I was overtaken by 1 girl and then I had a lunge finish with another.
Following the Sprint, on the 29th I had a 10km skate, which I found to be a very challenging course! Unsure how this goes with the laws of physics but I defiantly think the course was 7km up and 3km down… Almost no rest as every downhill you had to work. But it was a good experience. Cannot wait till the next race in Bozeman next weekend! 🙂
Below is coach Tommy Boy in the gym with this lovely hat he found. Speaking of scary, sometimes at night you can hear the wolves in the national park howling to each other! I am defiantly getting the full ‘Murica experience here at West! We head to Bozeman on Wednesday for the next Super Tour!



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