Pub to Pub Update

Greetings from a snowy Dinner Plain where things are looking great. One sleep to go and I’m getting even more excited.

After a couple of days of rain and crazy strong winds the snow returned last night and it’s snowing again now (10am) with a final bigger band of snow due this afternoon. Thankfully the winds have backed off and Greg and his crew have done a mountain of work dealing with downed trees over the last day or two. DP trail will be getting a groom now or in the very near future. All is good.

So we’re looking good for tomorrow. Had a short ski out to the start of the trail at Dinner Plain this morning and while we didn’t have a lot of snow overnight, what did fall has improved things significantly and everything from here on in is bonus.

If you’re driving up the hill tomorrow morning, PLEASE leave early and allow LOTS of time to get here. But it’s going to be worth it! And if you make it with plenty of time to spare, why not do breakfast at The General.

We run this event with a very small and dedicated crew, but unfortunately one of our regulars – Princess – is unable to join us this year. If you’re going to be around the finish area and would like to get involved in the fun world of race organisation we could probably use an extra set of hands – full on the job training provided!

Will continue to update conditions on the website and try and put a couple of photos up later, but might be too busy skiing!

Hope to see you tomorrow


Mick Sinclair


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