Kat Paul Racing Report from the USA

Australia’s newest junior team member Katerina Paul has been spending her summer training in Sun Valley Idaho. Last week Kat traveled with her club to compete at the USSA Senior National Championships and World Junior Try Outs in Soldier Hollow, Utah.Image

Kat competed in three events. A skate sprint, a 5km classic and a classic sprint.

The skate sprint was Kat’s first international FIS race, she raced extremely well on a tough course which is almost 2000m above sea level. Kat finished a very credibly 99th out of 130 or 52nd junior. This may seem a little back but it is a great result for a 17 year old competing in a senior national championship.

The second event was a 5km skate held on a similar course to that used when Soldier Hollow hosted the Olympics in 2002. This event was a junior only competition used to help pick the USA World Junior Team. Kat again put in a solid performance finishing 54th just seconds outside the top 50.

“There are so many quality juniors and seniors out in the field at US nationals, so I’m happy that i’m only a few seconds from being amongst the top 50 US seniors field.” – Kat Paul

The final event was a classic sprint which is Kat’s favourite event. Here Kat stepped up to finish 34th a mere four second outside making the senior finals in a race where the winning time was over four minutes. For the juniors who did not make the senior final and junior final was held in which Kat qualified for in third place.

“I was super excited to be racing my last race at US nationals, I had a fantastic time trial coming 34th in the seniors, just missing out on the senior heats, but it qualified me in 3rd for the junior heats!

They only took 12 juniors, putting me straight into the semi finals. I was racing well but the Olympic hill is around 250m long and towards the top I began to slip so I got put into 4th. I Finished the semi in 4th place out of 6 but I was lucky that they had lucky loser spots, so I made it into the final.

It was a very close race with 6 of us all storming up the hill in a pack. As we came down around the hill I was in 4th once again, coming around the corner I overtook 3rd and powered home to take 3rd place! I was super happy!!” – Kat Paul

Full results can be found at http://www.summittiming.com.


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