Victorian Ski Chase Skike prize presentation

This morning Michal Trnka, winner of the Victorian SKi Chase grand prize, was presented with his prize of a pair of V07plus Skikes at Westerfolds Park.  Michal was met by a big group of Melbourne Skikers keen to show him what the Skikes are capable of.  After a brief lesson on braking, the group headed out towards Heidelberg on the bitumen trails.  Very soon they were exploring the Mt. Bike single tracks, double poling the narrow dirt trails and jumping tree roots and the odd log.  This was followed by a few km on gravel trails including the ascent up the Viewbank hill.  Judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces, a great time was had by all.


Special thanks to Skike Australia for donating the prize and their continued support of the Victorian Ski Chase. We wish Michal all the best with his Skiking in Mt. Beauty. We are sure he will return home with some off-road skills and tips to pass on to the Mt. Beauty Skikers. Congratulations Michal.

Before the skike
Near Viewbank Hill
Getting down and dusted
Michal with  the group and prize


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