Davos Training Block

Paul Kovacs. Elite Cross-Country Skier

So my time in Davos for a 10-day training block was basically everything I could have asked for. We had great snow, good weather (apart from one day) and good company. Arriving in Davos it felt like ages since I had trained properly and even longer since I had had someone to train with.

Training was amazing. Perfect trails and sun or snow every day (ok so that’s a tiny lie I did do 4.5 hours of skiing in the rain one day which was a first in Switzerland but as a few of the local Swiss guys liked to point out, a normal day for Australia so I should be used to it).

It was just Phillip, Ewan and I for the training block and then on our last night Finn flew in from Australia for the second part of the European trip, including the Olympics.

It was great…

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