Coaching Courses coming up in June – Level 0 and Level 1

Applications will soon be open for the following Cross Country Skiing Coach Courses to be run in June:

Coach Level 0
A Cross Country Skiing Coach Level 0 course will be held in Melbourne on Thursday June 13. The course is designed for coaches, teachers and parents working with athletes at interscool level and focusses on dryland preparation for the winter. Training techniques covered include ski walking, ski bounding, ski specific strength and roller skiing. Participants will come away with the latest technical knowledge, skill development progressions and 3 easy to follow lesson plans to help engage and prepare athletes for when the snow starts falling.

Coach Level 1 – Theory / Dryland Training
A Cross Country Level 1 course will be in Melbourne on June 15/16. The Level 1 course aims to give coaches and athletes the tools to plan, conduct and review training sessions and programs and provide race support for club and state level athletes. This weekend of theory and dryland training is followed up with an on-snow instruction and assessment day during the winter. A pre-requisite for the course is the ASC online Beginning Coaching General Principles, which is free and can be accessed at the ASC Website.

The presenters of both courses include Victorian Junior Coaches Jean-Claude Legras and Allison Stoddart, both of whom have coached at the World Junior Championships in recent years.

Registration for both courses will be available soon via the Ski & Snowboard Australia website.

Interested persons should contact Allison Stoddart on 0416 627 747 or


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