Emulating the lifestyle of Fatboy slim.

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The 2013 hit single ‘Eat Sleep Rave Repeat’ by Fatboy Slim was not only a fresh beat; it also suggested that following a lifestyle centred around four concepts leads to success. The four values we have decided to premise our trip on are:

Eat sleep rave train repeat


Our first encounter of Canadian food was at the famous Tim Horton’s, a place that will always be remembered as the place where Kate received her superstar ATAR (kudos Kate). After leaving, despite the urge to hit the slopes ASAP, we had to brave the horrors of bulk food shopping in the ‘Canadian Superstore’ (Costco on steroids). We approached shopping like a training session, following a game plan, seeking efficiency and getting the job done. In no time we crammed back into our beast-mobile we have named the ‘Fatboy S-limousine,’ surrounded by suitcases, ski bags and enough no-name food to keep…

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Enter Nick Montgomery – OPA Cup Hochfilzen

Nick Montgomery  opened his 2014/2015 race season with a classic sprint in the OPA Cup in Hochfilzen.


Picture: Nick Montgomery racing earlier this year in Australia.

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Canada is where it’s at: A successful trip north

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Throughout the week just been the planned races in Rossland, British Columbia, Canada were up in the air (due to lack of snow). This resulted in a week of preparing for races that may or may not eventuate which takes a bit of (psychological) doing. Throughout this 3 or 4 day period I was situated in Bozeman and trained with the team on the dwindling snow supplies around the town. On Thursday morning the call was made: Rossland was a go! Yeah buddy!

A sunrise during the week in Bozeman

A sunrise during the week in Bozeman

A group of 8 athletes and 2 coaches travelled 9 hours on Thursday afternoon in the team van arriving at our condo around 11pm (it was a big job)!

After arriving the races were still uncertain.

This was just outside our accommodation which was very close to the race venue: snow was scarce!

This was just outside our accommodation which was very close to the race venue: snow was scarce!

Throughout Friday I was very anxious. This was my deadline…

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Davos World Cup

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The transformation that has taken place here in Davos over the last week has been quite amazing! We traveled straight from Lillehammer last Monday to find the Swiss Alps missing what they are so re-known for. With only a 1.2km loop so far, and the whether not really being cold enough most of the time to make snow, the organisers had a lot of work to do! Despite all this, they managed to pull it all off.

2014-12-11 16.10.20

Unlike many teams, we don’t have a support team travelling with us for this part of the trip. With no car, this can make things difficult, especially when you decide to do a week’s worth of shopping at one go. No, not our smartest move, but the solution of taking that massive trolley to the other side of the city with us on the bus was just pure genious! So innovative in fact…

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Davos Sprint World Cup

Australian Phil Bellingham finished the skate sprint World Cup in Davos in 61st place out of 95 starters or in 64% of the field. Phil was seven seconds behind the winner and less than three seconds from making the top 30. His time was 5.5% of the winners which translated to 67 FIS points. A great results!

Phillip Bellingham in the Davos Sprint

Phillip Bellingham in the Davos Sprint (2013)

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Balmy Bozeman

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Well post Supertour races here in Bozeman things got warm. So warm that some of the hard-core locals were out in shorts and T-shirts jogging about like it was summer (it was maybe plus 7C). It’s all fun and games running in short shorts until you go for slide on your bum…  With all the warm temperatures we lost a lot of snow. Everywhere in town melted out. However luckily there are trail systems deep in the mountains and through canyons where temperatures stay low and the skiing is actually really good.

Mid week melt out.

Mid week melt out.

Each day we drove the team van up to one of the local canyons and headed out. The first two miles of the trip were always interesting. The very bottom of the canyon was melted out but then it froze to form a slab of ice. This meant at the start and finish of each day…

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Review: Indoor Ski Areas of the World

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Well, let’s say it’s more like a comparison of two, as they’re the only ones I’ve been to, namely the DKB Skihalle in Oberhof, and the famous Ski Dubai in the UAE.

For a bit of context, I came to Oberhof, a ski town in the dead centre of Germany, because they actually have natural snow, unlike almost everywhere in the Alps, and even without natural snow I can still go inside and train in the ski tunnel. Actual details of the trip will come later, now is just a step-by-step review. Note: I visited Ski Dubai in 2007, so my information is just a tad out-of-date.


I’ll let you decide on this one. Just compare the two photos of the inside:

Ski Tunnel Oberhof

Ski Tunnel Oberhof

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Or the outside:

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

I didn’t even take a photo of the outside of the Ski Tunnel, because it was foggy…

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